Having signed up to do the Loch Ness marathon earlier in the year, I was excited about the prospect of running through the beautiful views of Loch Ness. However, unfortunately during my training I acquired an injury – plantar fasciitis – and was advised by my physio not to run at all. You can imagine how gutted I was.

Fortunately, my physio agreed that I would be able to manage a 10K, so although I was extremely disappointed, I signed up to the River Ness 10K instead and focused on my rehab and race prep.

On the road 

Traveling up to Inverness was super easy with convenient flights from London. On arrival I was met by the stunning, rolling hills of Scotland. After carb-loading at a friendly pizza restaurant (essential carb-loading, obvs), I headed back to the hotel for an early night.

Race day 

Following a hearty Scottish breakfast I headed to the start line, which was a 10-minute shuttle bus ride away. The weather was perfect running conditions – mild and grey. I met various other runners, all excited about the race.

Once we were off there was an initial gradient to a roundabout and then a sweet downhill, which went along the River Ness among the woodland. It was magical. The downhill lasted till around the 7K mark as we began to head into Inverness.

The locals were out in support with plenty of welcomed cheer. The atmosphere was great, with runners pushing on to complete their PB or raising money for charity.

Once in Inverness the course went over the bridge and then to the finish line. The crowd became stronger with their encouragement as the finish got nearer. I gave it everything I had on the day and finished with a respectable 55.22.

This is a fun and picturesque 10K and I will undoubtedly be back to spot Nessy and do the marathon! Now where’s my training plan?!

For the Loch Ness Marathon and River Ness 10K 2018 entries, visit lochnessmarathon.com